Robert H Meyer rhmeyer1 at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Dec 6 13:06:19 EST 2001

Bill, (and others).

I know of at least two growers in Wisconsin that have hydronic systems in 
their hoophouses.  One uses a wood-fired boiler (also heats home with it), 
the other an LP water heater.  I'm not sure if they also use a Modine type 
heater as well for the really cold nights...but it can be done.


At 08:22 AM 12/6/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>I'll share one question I have. Could a grower install a hydronic heating
>system in the floor of a tunnel? A hydronic system forces heated water
>through a tubing system buried in the floor, heating the floor. The heat
>rises from the floor, heating the whole tunnel but focusing it on the root
>system first. The system could be heated with a hotwater heater, driven by a
>small pump. It could even be prewarmed with passive solar heat. Anyone tried
>this idea?

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