market-farming digest: December 04, 2001

sora sora at
Wed Dec 5 16:57:18 EST 2001

> Hi, Folks!
> It appears that my quince tree (!!!) had cedar apple rust this year (and
> they are supposed to be so disease resistant!)  Anyone have any organic
> suggestions to cure the tree and keep the fungus from spreading to my other
> fruit trees?  I've been trashing the leaves and I planted Wild Cyperiot
> Garlic around the base of the tree -- that stuff is *strong* and I thought
> might help "fumigate" naturally, but I'm sure more drastic measures are
> necessary. . .

Safer's puts out a fungicide to be used as a dormant spray.  It is basically elemental sulfur that
changes the PH.  Also available in bulk at good garden centers.  I believe, considered organic.

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