Snow on hoophouses

HackettShark at HackettShark at
Tue Dec 4 20:29:48 EST 2001

I have had little trouble with the weight of snow on ay of my buildings.  
Have used 4'spacing on all the buildings we have built.  On building I pplan 
on using in the winter I put on a double layer of plastic and make a air 
bubble, and the snow just slides off and this creates a very good insulator 
on the ground for frost protection getting under the sides of the buildings.  
I have had the frost move in 24" on the south side's , and 30" on the north 
taking everything that is growing in that area.  

This year I"m going to wait until March to put the coverings on the other two 
building,because they won't be planted until the first of April.  Should be 
able to get a little better start on early market Items for May 1 when our 
market gets open.

I have one small building that run's year around and it does have a problem 
with white fly's because of all the fresh herbs thaat we grow in there, they 
are getting harder and harder to control, but I keep fighting the good 

Phil from Iowa

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