Winter growing in Zone 3 & 4

sunnfarm at sunnfarm at
Tue Dec 4 12:48:38 EST 2001

When its zero outside at night its no more than 5-8* in the hoophouse, most cold hardy stuff will survive but get tip burn after sunup, then start to rot, you can cover beds on ground with plastic and get better protection,using rowcover material scratches tender leaves,I use a heater set at 35* and that solves everything except making a profit...Bob.

>I have read the book and many other's.  the problem is when it is 20 below 
>zero for along period of time it is 20 below in the hoop house and regardless 
>of how many row covers you have on the lettuce the lettuce will freeze and 
>turn the leaves brown as soon as you harvest it.  


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