Winter growing in Zone 3 & 4

HackettShark at HackettShark at
Mon Dec 3 17:47:45 EST 2001

Has anyone out there done winter growing in hoophouses in my Zones.  Last 
winter in December it stayed around 10 below zero for 28 days, with only 4 of 
those days with sun shining.  The wind  blew at about 20 miles per hour each 
day as will.  Has anyone had any luck growing greens in this type of 
conditions.  I've tryed now for 4 years to get a profitable crop in the 
winter, and when the really cold weather sets in my crop goes south evenwith 
hanging heaters. and then the propane bill kills any profit that can be 
obtained.  What kind of experience have any of you had?

Phil from Iowa

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