Garden Tool Suggestions

Miranda Smith miranda3 at
Mon Dec 3 16:51:52 EST 2001

Alison wrote:
Anyone seen a hand hoe, with a head small enough to weed baby veggies ?

Hi. Alison,

I agree with you about the need for a 2-inch stirrup hoe. Meanwhile, I
wonder if you have tried the short-handled circle hoe. The one I have is
literally 2-inches wide. The sharp part is only about an inch wide, so it
takes twice the number of passes to do the same job a 2-inch stirrup hoe
would, but you really don't sever many roothairs with it. I haven't tried
the 2.5-inch version, but that might be more appropriate.

You can find a list of vendors on this website:

Meanwhile, I hope someone out there hears the need for a small stirrup
hoe--no matter what, I prefer them to anything else.

Miranda Smith

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