Garden Tool Suggestions

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at
Mon Dec 3 15:59:54 EST 2001

I have a suggestion for a tool we could use in our operation.  As many of
you know, we grow salad crops throughout the winter in unheated hoophouses.
We grow these intensively in permanent beds.  Because of the intensive
nature of these crops, and the need to have the mesclun, at least, virtually
weed free, we do a lot of weeding. Especially in the late fall, early
winter, and again in early spring.  We need smaller tools than those
available.  For instance, the 3.5" stirrup hoe is too wide to weed between
row of baby greens. Most hoes are. We could use a stirrup hoe that is 2" or
so wide with a short handle (we sit or kneel for most of our weeding), or a
collinear hoe that is less than 3" wide with a short handle (and a angle to
facilitate the sitting position), you get the picture.  We are thinking
about trying Johnny's new wire weeder, and cutting it down to what we need.
Anyone seen a hand hoe, with a head small enough to weed baby veggies ?

Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm
Smiths Grove, KY

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