Garden Tool Suggestions--a thought...

Robert H Meyer rhmeyer1 at
Mon Dec 3 14:09:03 EST 2001

Hello Jim and Julie (and list):

A few years ago at the Upper Midwest Organic Conference, one of the growers 
stated that they made their "wish list" based upon where they were spending 
the most time.  In other words, where they spent the most time (weeding, 
greenhouse, packing, etc) was the area of their farm that they needed to 
spend the most money on.  From the sound of it you've already got an idea 
that weeding is a priority (thus the wheel hoe).  Any other areas where it 
seems you might be able to invest a little and gain (either time or energy)?

Our project's website has a few new tip sheets (one on the long-handled 
diamond hoe).  Check it out:


We made it through our first year of market farming with basic home
>gardening tools, but before we begin next year we are looking for tools
>to make the year a little easier!  Any ideas on the following?
>Wheel Hoe...suggestions on which brand/type is best and where is the best
>place to purchase
>Any other hand tool suggestions (such as all the hoe variations)?

Bob Meyer
Evaluation Specialist
National AgrAbility Project
Madison, WI
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