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> Even when the wheel hoes are adjusted, in order to get the push you need to
> get the **** thing moving, a short person's center of gravity is too low.
> When I've watched taller people use them, the angles make more sense for
> where their push comes from.  (I always figured they were designed by Swiss
> men, who tend to be taller!)

    Two adjustments, in case you didn't try both.

1. Handle.  Loosen the rearward (top) handle bolt to lower (for shorter person)
the handle.
2. Wheel.   Loosen the wheel bracket bolts at the bracket slots to lower (for
shorter person) the wheel.  This wheel lowering results in the tool, e.g.
stirrup hoe, to be higher (further from the soil), which in turn allows the
handles to drop some more.  Most people ignore this adjustment, which is
critical to effective angle of the tool to the soil.  When you find an old
Planet Jr. wheel hoe these adjustment bolts are typically rusted fast.

    Handles still too high?  Remove the handles and use a drill or router to
lengthen the adjusting slot downward in each handle, to allow lowering.
Properly set up, a good wheel hoe, like a Glaser or Planet Jr. can be used
enjoyably (with little fatigue) by a small person.

    The Glaser (Swiss) wheel hoe is actually a copy of the Planet Jr. single
wheel hoe, which was designed by S.L. Allen Co., Philadelphia, which also
designed and built Flexible Flyer sleds, also used enjoyably by small people.

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