Water-Hyacinth Uses and Abuses

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I placed a webpage on water hyacinth uses for market farmers or integrated biological systems at:


This page contains WWW links to a number of Pro & Con webpages discussing the merits and demerits of WH. 

What can we do with water hyacinth? 

Water hyacinth can be very helpful in meeting some of the most urgent needs in tropical countries: 

-- in food production; 
-- as leaf protein concentrate, which is rich in protein and vitamin A. 
--  as a substrate for mushroom cultivation, 
--  by making soils more fertile which yield better crops. 
--  by purifying water, in which fish can then thrive. 
--  through the production of silage, for fattening animals. 
--  through vermiculture, producing feed for poultry or fish. 
--  in regenerating degraded soils; 
--  as mulch. 
--  as compost. 
--  as fertiliser, produced by mixing with other organic materials, and phosphate rock. 
--  in energy production, thereby combatting deforestation; 
-- as biogas, which can be used for cooking in kitchens for schools or restaurants. 
--  as briquettes, which can be used for cooking in place of wood. 
-- in providing employment and income, through the production and sale of; 
----  a range of art papers and card. 
crafts and furniture. 
----  (on the industrial level), chemicals and liquid fuels. 

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