DO NOT plant purple loosestrife

Penny Trinca penny-trinca at
Thu Aug 30 11:43:41 EDT 2001

Yikes, Dori! And group, I thought the word had gotten out on Purple
Loosestrife. This is one of the most aggressive of the imported exotic
invader weeds that we are experiencing in the US. There have been
millions of tax payer dollars spent already trying to ERADICATE this
plant. Once in a wetland environment is displaces all and I mean all the
native vegetation and it provides no beneficial uses for wildlife. It
can and has devastated thousands of acres of pristine wetland and
riparian habitat on the East coast alone, and is currently wreaking
havoc in the West as well. Please, Please, DO NOT allow this plant a
home in your pond, it will escape and run amok through your wetlands and
your neighbors as well.  There are campaigns to stop seed companies from
distributing it here in the US. I have included links to sites that are
developing biological controls, a bug, that eats only purple loosestrife
that may help us win the battle against it.

Penny Trinca - Resource Coordinator
Utah Association of Conservation Districts
Zone 1

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