Marketing Pond Plants

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Thu Aug 30 06:40:51 EDT 2001


If you are interested in looking at an alternate market...

Consider the fish hobbyist.

Not only is there a market for some of the pond plants, but if your pond(s)
will grow ornamental fish like carp and koi, there is a market for them too.
We were at a fish and reptile specialty shop last night and I was
amazed/appalled/impressed by the prices they were getting for ornamental
pond fish.
  So much so, that I am thinking that we should seriously consider a couple
ponds to "test the waters" (pun intended) in that market.

Granted, this is the retail price for high end fish, but...
To give you an idea.  6" - 8" fish were selling for about what a decent goat
brings at auction in this area.  10" - 12" fish were about the price of an
average calf.

When I was heavily into the aquarium hobby a few years ago the "rule of
thumb" (Sorry Dori) was the fish stores would pay about 1/3 to 1/2 of the
retail price for  what you brought in. If your stock was especially good,
they would pay slightly more once they got to know you.

  When you compare that to our rabbits, that can sell at auction for $3-5
each or chicks/chickens for $1-3 (maybe double that price if we sell direct
to the end buyer on a good day with a tail wind....)

Looks like ponds might be the way to go.

 FWIW - In the same store  Aquarium plants were selling for anywhere from 50
cents to $3-5 each, and pond plants started at the $3-5, price and went up
from there.


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Laughing Brook Farm
Westfield, NC
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Is there a market out there for Pond Plants raised on small farm   ie--
Hyacinth  or Lillys

Also  does anyone know if Hyacinth can be eaten by  humans

Is there a source for other pond plants

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