market-farming digest: Maybe Leaving (Update)

Dori Green dorigreen00 at
Wed Aug 29 08:53:27 EDT 2001

Lots of things going on, lots of decisions looming.

Yesterday I interviewed for a clerical job in Rochester, 100 miles away.  
It's a door into a good company with room for growth and if they offer, I'm 
going to accept and rent a room up there during the week, do my best to find 
safe homes for the animals and sell this place as fast as I can complete 
with an auction of all of my personal stuff that won't fit in a rented room.

A possible housemate is making noises about moving in next week.  He says he 
understands that I need to collect rent and a security deposit but his cash 
is not in my hand yet so I'm not spending it or turning away anybody who 
responds to my local ads.  First one with the rent and deposit is the one 
that God wants in here.

Thanks to all of the folks from the list who sent private words of 
encouragement.  The ones who told me to quit whining and go get a job, well, 
I'll live despite you so there.

Two mortgage companies are expressing willingness/interest in refinancing 
this farm with as much as $30,000 extra cash to fancy it up and advertise it 
as a petting/tourist farm and education center.  I hadn't thought they'd 
consider me since I'm not working but it doesn't seem to bother them.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow I'm taking my friendliest goat to the 
farmer's market and selling zucchinis and handing out brochures from his 
pack panniers.  The market runs from noon to seven but we'll just be there 
12-1 and 5-7.  Goats are the poster children for ADD; one or two hours of 
this sort of gig is about their limit.

On Friday morning I'm meeting with a consultant from Cornell's New York Farm 
Net.  On Friday afternoon I'm giving the tour to a real estate agent.

On my way back from Rochester I toodled around the Conesus Lake and 
Dansville areas.  I'm going to check with real estate people over there -- 
my membership farm idea might be a really good one that just needs a larger 
population base to work with.

The Farm Net consultant says I should stay here, she agrees with me that 
this area really needs what I want to do.  Well, I need to be able to make a 
living.  Sustainability is subsistence if it doesn't include the economic 
piece of the equation and if the buying public doesn't start to Get It there 
aren't going to be any farmers left, just the auction distributors.

Dori Green
Corning, NY

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