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Dori Green dorigreen00 at
Wed Aug 29 08:30:01 EDT 2001

Take a look at .  If I stay here I'm planting some 
of their bamboo in my bog next year, and building a koi pond near the house 
and nursery area from which I'll grow and sell koi and pond plants and 
fountains to the rapidly-encroaching Yuppie Horde (are they invaders or 
customers, who knows).

Bamboo can be VERY invasive.  But of course it's useful and marketable as an 
edible and for garden structures. is another possible source for pond plants, 
especially water-loving herbs.

Cattails are also edible and ornamental, and they naturalize nicely.  
Horsetail, iris, joe-pye weed, boneset, horseradish, elderberries, and 
rampion are other plants that prefer damp feet.  If you're doing pond 
plantings don't neglect Purple Loosestrife.

Marketing all of these is another discussion and another whole full-time 

Dori Green
Corning, NY

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