Market Gardening in Intensive Raised Beds

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The following website link has a limited usefulness to a small segment of people: mainly to those doing some significant portion of retail sales of Market Garden produce, using small plots of land. These operations are sometimes described as "Market Farming:, "Mini-Farming", "Market Gardening", "CSAs", "Subscription Farms", "Membership Farms", or various other names.

The following URL links to a website tutorial with simple instruction on how to extend your growing season a month or two, increase your production yields by 20% to 1,000%. There are no products sold, no fees collected, just ideas real people are already using to grow a lot more than most people think are possible. The "free" website is provided by a webhost whom attaches random advertisement to each page as the price of sponsoring "free" webpages. Since no income is generated by giving away free ideas and free tutorials, there is no incentive to pay an no-ads webhost hundreds of dollars per year. This is the kind of information I would like to obtain from extension-agent websites, but it is absent from those, so I provide this free service to fill in the gaps.

If you get significant value from this website, please send the author an email to LionKuntz at Contact through this email address for links to other tutorials and research pages.


"Grow Serious Profits Market Gardening in Intensive Raised Beds

The most important reasons to grow market fruits and vegetables in intensive beds are 

(1) Simplifies permanent planning of what areas may be compacted and which areas are protected from crushing field traffic, 
(2) contributes to overall strategy to boost yields to four to sixteen times conventional yields per equal-sized areas, 
(3) improves efficiency of labor, fertilizers, materials, 
(4) improves plant growth and health, 
(5) makes major savings of irrigation water, 
(6) extends growing season length. ..."

(Includes links to global websites already demonstrating significantly higher yields than normal row-cropping expectations from several continents.)

Page is slow to load due to the huge filesizes for the graphics, but the text loads quickly so you have something to read while the pictures load.

 bedsize1.jpg       Fri Aug 24 20:18:18 PDT 2001  97176  
 bedsize2.jpg       Fri Aug 24 20:14:20 PDT 2001  210733  
 bedsize3.jpg       Fri Aug 24 20:16:04 PDT 2001  166470  
 bedsize4.jpg       Fri Aug 24 20:20:20 PDT 2001  175886  
 bedsize5.jpg       Fri Aug 24 20:22:34 PDT 2001  200960  
 MarketGarden.html  Fri Aug 24 20:09:50 PDT 2001  8407  



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