Big Corporation Sprouts Linked to Deadly Infection

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> > somebody is reporting that half or more of all food poisoning in California 
> > is caused by non-host plants whom have no colon at all. 
> > 
> I don't know about the half or more part of this statement, but you don't 
> have to have a colon to get contaminated with E. coli and if you do get 
> contaminated and someone with a colon ingests you, it can mean big trouble 
> for them...
> Marj

   I certainly agree with you, Marj, but E.Coli is adapted to be a semi-benign animal parasite, with a recent deadly mutant variation (e.coli H7:0157) and survives poorly outside of animal digestive tracts. A healthy adult human has two pounds of e.coli living in their guts.  How the organism can migrate from soil to inside developing seed is not discussed in the scare propaganda posing as "news".

   The CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL website page I cited clearly states that e.coli has been confirmed transmitted on lettuce and sprouts, as well as swimming pool water, day care centers, beauty parlors, etc. Tracking down tens of thousands of cases have revealed that the principle vectors of infection spread are 90% traced to undercooked beef and dairy products. It is hard to believe that suddenly a couple of obscure researchers have now traced more than half of all confirmed cases to sprouts and lettuce in California, especially since they do not have the staff and laboratory resources of the CDC. E.Coli H7:0157 is extremely difficult to detect, and most laboratories are not equipped to detect it in the low levels in which it exists. Tests require 500 or more living cells, and the organism can fell a healthy adult man with as few as 10 cells. Children and elderly can be stricken down with less.

   This has the appearance of being misinformation warfare by those profiting from the demise of small agriculture. Sprouts and salad mix represent labor-intensive high-profit specialty items using small land investments, and have been a successful niche market for small growers with minimal capital investments. Driving off their customers, to ruin these small growers, with false information and irresponsible circulation of unfounded allegations is evil, pure and simple.

   I provided vermicomposting and Hydrogen-Peroxide links which inform people how to use best-management standards to negate risk factors from entering the food stream. This is a lead-by-example demonstration of responsible reporting as opposed to the no-holds-barred to-the-death struggle by those already controlling 40% of global resources to increase the size of their ownership regardless of the pain they cause.

   Using best-management practices to protect the food-stream integrity is a routinely adopted duty of moral and ethical people. Corporations (by legal definition "immoral") using underpaid labor are more likely to get contaminated by improper sick employee toilet sanitary procedures contaminating their sprout/lettuce streams than well-paid small growers whom have no employees, or whom are present regularly to oversee every aspect of employee hygiene and food handling. The article circulated on Market-Farming had a title "market farming Sprouts Linked to Deadly Infection" but the ABC cited article had nothing to say about the size scale of the infection sources. If one is purely guessing, then the odds are overwhelming that "Big Corporation Sprouts Linked to Deadly Infection" is a more correct title for this thread.

Sincerely, Lion Kuntz
Tenino, Washington, USA


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