Brian and Jacqueline Potzkai potzkai at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 22 09:57:53 EDT 2001

>From: "kerry" <kerryzuch at msn.com>

>I've been selling my fruits and vegetables at a farmer's market for nearly
>20 yrs. but am new to the computer age. Am happy to find others in my
>field on this dang computer. Read message on gypsum and was wondering
>where you would purchase this?  That's a cool source of calcium I never
>thought about. Kerry

Hi Kerry, nice to have you on the list.  Try your local ag store for the 
calcium supply, if that fails, tear apart the ugliest wall in your home (one 
you wanted to replace anyways) peel back the paper and break off the gypsum, 
grind it and apply it  ;<}   Hope you have a bountiful year in your garden.  
Cheers, Jacqueline

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