Yellow jackets and strawberry damage

Robert Farr rbfarr at
Mon Aug 20 07:37:41 EDT 2001

A potential solution (worked for me last year):

Find the yellow jacket nesting hole(s).  Cover it/them with a glass
bottle, turned upside down.  The jackets continue to try and get out the
top of the bottle, rather than going back into the ground and coming out
another way.  We would cap the bottle at night, then replace it with
another bottle.  Alternatively, you can just leave the bottle.

The jackets returning to the nest will dig another hole in - so you'll
have to find that one and cover with a glass jar, too.

For a large strawberry operation, this might not be practical.  OTOH, if
there is only a nest or two, it should solve the problem nicely.

Let us know what works!

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