Plant Activators

sunnfarm at sunnfarm at
Sat Aug 18 09:48:53 EDT 2001

Bt's are ok if you get it on when the larvae are small most everyone around here uses Raven or Novador BT, "Tenebrionis" it better than san diego, since I dont grow organic I just drench the root ball before planting with a systemic and usually dont need to apply anything else during the season...Bob.

>>  I cannot say they are approved for organic production but anything that can safely control CPB is worth looking at...Bob.
>> Sunny Meadow Farm
>> Bridgeton, NJ.
>> __Do you think that using Bt. var. san diego is not safe. I got complete control over CPB on my tomatoes and potatoes this year in one application during the early spring. (Two acres potatoes and two acres tomatoes)
>Chris Sawyer
>Jake's Farm
>Asheville NC

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