"Minor" subdivisions of land

Maroc maroc at islandnet.com
Fri Aug 17 10:06:12 EDT 2001

Sorry Liz,  excuse my clumsy exclusion of working horses but that wasn't
what I had in mind.  In this case I'd be refering to race horses or
hunter-jumpers, etc. (oops, that's likely to get me into trouble too).  For
the purposes of establishing farm status for property tax in British
Columbia  horses are don't count.  I a few people who complain bitterly
about this, but I have a friend with a team of working mules who has no
problem with it.  In the end I think farming produces food and fibre, etc.,
and is not just a measure of how sore your back is.

Don Maroc

>>often they are into horses but seldom any real farming...
>come December, remind me when it's 4 in the morning, 20* and we're mucking
>stalls for horses that close the loop on this farm (organic fertilizer/grass
>powered mowers) that we aren't "real" farmers.....
>Liz Pike
>Laughing Brook Farm
>Westfield NC
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