"Minor" subdivisions of land

Brian and Jacqueline Potzkai potzkai at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 17 16:09:43 EDT 2001

>From: "Liz Pike" <liz at marketfarming.com>

>come December, remind me when it's 4 in the morning, 20* and we're mucking
>stalls for horses that close the loop on this farm (organic 
>powered mowers) that we aren't "real" farmers.....

Hi Liz, I think, (mabe it's just an assumption - I can't speak for Don) that 
what he was referring to is the estate farms that are similar to the one 
that we lease property from and their neighbour.  We lease 5 acres of land, 
the property - including estate home - is estimated at 20,000,000 canadian 
dollars out of ALR, (we don't live there, we just have a little trailer down 
the road and love farming but can't afford the land).  The people who own 
the land usually do not care for or maintain the animals or property - 
especially in December.  For instance the people we lease from spent Nov - 
Mar in the Mediterrain and then over to the Tropics.  The land owners in 
these type of situations own land, polo ponies, etc., but others do the work 
and often on a lease or contract basis.  It is done this way so that their 
land can remain at a lower tax basis.  The land we lease right now is going 
through the process of being removed from the ALR to allow development, it 
will take approx. 5 yrs to go through the process.  Once it is removed from 
ALR status the owner can quickly sell it in small 75' x 125' lots and make a 
tremendous amount of profit then invest the money elsewhere and avoid the 
high capital gains tax.  Jacqueline

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