Persian Mint

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Fri Aug 17 13:57:24 EDT 2001

Every year about this time we have our tour of our state research farm, which specializes in fruit and vegetable crops for med and small growers, last year we hired a specialist in herbs to develope new stuff for local growers, I saw a nice plot of a new mint called Persian Mint, the breeder picked off one little leaf squished it up and tossed it in the field the fragrance traveled in the wind it was so strong you could taste it in the air, its nothing like the stuff that grows in your garden plots, once patented it will only be avaliable to NJ growers, at the present I can take cuttings and start a trial plot but cannot sell any, I hope you folks can get your state and prov. research farms to do the same for you.
BTW got to see a real nice spinach from India that looks like the spinach we grow in the winter except this variety grows in 100* summer heat without bolting or tasting bitter actually the flavor is much better than North Am. types I will have to check the name of the seed supplier, its a company from Japan, the company name sounds like Knowyou seeds or something like that.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ. 

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