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Wiediger, Alison awiediger at
Thu Aug 16 10:02:09 EDT 2001

You really want to contact Hope Crain who is responsible for organic
certification in KY, (KY extension agents typically don't know enough about
the certification process to be helpful).  She is at the Ky Dept of Ag,
Marketing division.  You will not necessarily have to use organic seed - at
least this year - , but you will need to use untreated seed, which can still
be very hard to find.  Why they think they have to treat cereal rye is
beyond me - it'll germinate sitting on top of the ground - but they do.  We
can usually get a local seed dealer to order it for us, if we want enough,
and if we start early enough (like now).  We use cereal rye and hairy vetch
for our winter cover crop on our vegetable plots.  We actually graze the rye
in late winter and still have a lot of green manure to build the soil.
Contact us if we can help.

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm (Smiths Grove, KY)

> From: 	pech[SMTP:pech9 at]
> If I plant non organic seed now, will that cause a problem with
> certification? I want to plant as thick as possible, but organic seed is
> hard to come by around here, and after
> shipping and such it's expensive to mail order. I know I need to
> contact my extension agent for the final say so, but I wanted your
> opinions. Thanks Dave, Fern Creek Ky 

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