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HackettShark at aol.com HackettShark at aol.com
Wed Aug 15 12:37:03 EDT 2001

Well we finally got some rain and the constant 100 degree days hopfully are 
past for this season, last measurable rain was on June 26, so some our crops 
were getting pretty sick looking,even though I was doing some watering.  

Has anyone had a problem with black spots on tomatoes this year.  Ours was 
really bad for a while, had to find some new fungicide to treat them, they 
finally are doing a lot better.  This was a new one for us, never had this 
before.  I wasn't doing a lot of spraying because I was using clean ground, 
hasn't had any vege's on it for 8 years, been to soybeans last year.        

I'm looking for a mulch layer and a mulch lifter for some fall work, does 
anyone know where to look for some used equipment.

Phil from Iowa

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