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> The question has come right down to "and hang on to just exactly what?"
> I am so ready to be outta this business and wake up from this nightmare 
> that 
> started out as a dream.

Sorry to here of all the problems that you are having,but are you ready to 
give up on all your dreams and trash all the years of planning.

I was farming during the "79 thru 81" period, and I had a banker tell me he 
was going to sell me out, I'm still here.  Not everything that a banker 
always wants will happen.  Use good common sense and revise your business 
plan so that things will cash flow better, maybe sell one acre for one of 
those 400,000 dollar houses and keep the rest. Cash out the livestock instead 
of paying a shelter to take them, there are a lot of options to do as long as 
we all keep our independence, not all of us can work for these Corp's for the 
so called big buck's.

Phil from Iowa

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