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Darrell E. Bartholomew darrellb at
Wed Aug 15 09:43:10 EDT 2001


A friend of mine is a relator, and I have been to some of his seminars.  If you are
going to sale your farm, it should bring in more money than what you are asking for,
especially if you are near $400,000 developments.  A realitor will work for your
best interests since they benefit if your property sells for more money.  You may
even be able to have a land auction using a reputable company if you want to sell
out fast.  Such a company will get the word out and do the advertising for you.  Ask
around and find someone you are comfortable with.

You have been through so much, and I would hate to see you sell out short of what
you could get.  It really sounds like the property values for your area should be
higher than what you are asking.

Best of luck.

Darrell E. Bartholomew

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