market-farming Leaving

Sue swtgrssfrm at
Wed Aug 22 08:55:57 EDT 2001

  I am so sorry to hear all that you have gone thru.  Farming is without a doubt

back breaking work and to do it by yourself is especially hard.  I do not have
the demands placed on me that you have and I feel overwhelmed at times.  I think

we all have experienced the humbling reality of this kind of work and have felt
alone- I know I have.  Most people I know do not have a clue what it takes for
my husband and I to do what we do on our farm.  I just want to let you know that

I can sympathize with you and I know how hard you have worked.  I have visited
your web site and read your posts for a while now and always admired what you
are trying to do.   I hope you have a quick sale and are able to get out from
underneath your burdens.

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