increasing market attendance

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Wed Aug 15 08:42:22 EDT 2001

Thanks for your response, Jay. Following are answers to your questions.

> 1.)  How many farmers are currently participating in the market?
Approx. 85

> 2.)  How often is the market held?
> 3.)  What are the market hours on the day it is held?
Tues,Thu, and Sat;  8:30am opening
Wed; 4:00pm opening (new and on a trial basis as of late June 2001)

> 4.)  Are only local farmers eligible to participate?
> 5.)  Are only locally grown crops allowed for sale?
It is a growers-only market and local (about 7 surrounding counties)

> 6.)  What is the size of the average crowd currently patronizing the market?
Oh boy, I don't have the numbers. I'll try to find out.  I would guess in the 500 range, but, I may be way off.  I do notice many people get out of their car, go straight to a specific vendor or two, and don't really spend much time browsing. 
In my previous market experience as a patron, which was in another state 3 years ago, it was more of an 'event' and people spent more time browsing over the goods. There seemed to be more of a crowd.

> 7.)  How long has the FM been in business?
Not sure, but, at least five years.

> 8.)  Where in the town is the market held?
At the parking lot of the only mall in town. Unfortunately not facing either of the 'main drags', but near a side entrance.  We pay nearly $10,000/yr to lease this space from the mall.
(It is located in a Midwest town of approx. 150,000.)

> How near is the next town?
There is nothing near the size of this town for 100 miles or more.

> How near is the next Farmers' Market?
There is at least one other, smaller market, in the older downtown area.

Hope that provides some insight.
Thanks again,

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