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Lucy Owsley goodows at
Wed Aug 15 08:20:41 EDT 2001

What I have done to increase attendance at our markets (I am the manager
of one and on the board of the other) is get the paper to come and do
articles which will get the word out to the public and for the weekday
market it got about 8 new farmers to attend and the increase in vendors
has greatly increased sales (just had a $300 night last night which
wasn't possible last year-and this is in a college town with no students
yet!). make up a press release and send it out to the local papers. Also
call the papers up and ask that someone come out to do a story about
once a month

Another thing I do is I send out an email announcement every week
telling what will be at the market (at least what our farm will be
selling) to my ever increasing email list of LOCAL folks. I usually have
a sign-up sheet at out stand to get the emails and usually get 3 or 4 a
week. Over a few seasons this becomes significant. The emails work to
bring folks out.

If you charge a fee for set up than use some of that money to get
banners/signs etc. so folks know what your group is there. you can also
get a weekly ad in the local paper. PSA spots on public radio are also
helpful. Oh, and good looking posters put up on every public bulletin
board you can find is also helpful.

Lucy Goodman-Owsley
Boulder Belt Organics
New Paris, OH

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