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Tue Aug 14 18:09:24 EDT 2001

Hi Melani,

My ISP has been experiencing line problems in our area for the last two
days so I could not respond earlier.

You asked:

>What has been the most effective methods of advertising a Farmers Market?
>I am interested in how one might draw more customers to the Market itself.

A number of advertising, public relations and marketing tools are available
to attract a larger crowd to the Farmers Market in your town.

Before handing out any specific suggestions, it would be helpful to have a
little more hard information so that my comments are not vague generalities.

Can you please tell us:

1.)  How many farmers are currently participating in the market?

2.)  How often is the market held?

3.)  What are the market hours on the day it is held?

4.)  Are only local farmers eligible to participate?

5.)  Are only locally grown crops allowed for sale?

6.)  What is the size of the average crowd currently patronizing the market?

7.)  How long has the FM been in business?

8.)  Where in the town is the market held?

>Are there certain components (for lack of a better word) that tend to draw people to a market?

Yes there are, but until the above questions are answered,
elaborating on them will be reserved.

>It is located in a Midwest town of approx. 150,000.

How near is the next town?

How near is the next Farmers' Market?

Jay Gee
not a farmer -- but interested in farming

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