"Minor" subdivisions of land

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at itol.com
Tue Aug 14 09:36:54 EDT 2001

We are having the same thing happen here - about the splitting. And pressure
is increasing - the number of zoning meetings is mushrooming.   I despair
about it - every time I go to a zoning meeting, I feel awful, as does one of
the other members.

We have a different notification - we do the mailing to contiguous
neighbors, but a public notice is required to be posted in the paper 2 weeks
prior to the meeting, which is held in the evening.

In our town, pretty much everybody has the "a guy should get to do what he
wants with his land" attitude - with a strong ag preservation undertone.
But when push comes to shove, the "a guy should get" attitude prevails.

We have been limiting one building to each parcel - although actually that
ends up contributing to rural sprawl, whereas conservation subdivisions
would preserve open space, and enable people to share roads, etc. - limiting
destruction.  Along with the vision of "a guy should" is the prevalent
belief that the best country life is no denser than 5 acres to each parcel.

Our town has just recently finished a Land Use Plan, and has adopted it.  We
don't yet have a new zoning ordinance to reflect the plan.  Nor do we have a
set of guidelines to help us make decisions on the zoning board.  My husband
and I have a meeting planned with the town chairwoman to put together a
training session for zoning board members.  I am really wanting a set of
criteria with which to make a good decision, with such considerations as
(some of these are things we might actually get on a check list - others are
my dream criteria):

    Are there any environmentally sensitive areas nearby the proposed
change, and if so, how     will they be affected by the proposed use?

    Is this change in keeping with the patterns or vision of development
already present in the     town?

    Should the buildings being proposed to be built on this parcel be
limited to within a             certain footage of the road, so as to
minimize destruction to the land?

    How will this zoning change affect the land and area 7 generations from

    How is the greater good affected by this zoning change?

    What is the effect of this zoning change on global warming?

    What is the effect of this zoning change on the local water supply?

    What kinds of roads will be allowed on this parcel (and here I would
hope that gravel and other earth friendly driveways would be advocated - at
least introduced to future residents of the parcel..)
                                                    Just a start,

> Has anyone worked on this problem in your area?  What did you come up
> Marcie

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