Blossom end rot and Tipburn

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Wed Aug 8 00:29:12 EDT 2001

When planting fall lettuce and cole crops as we are doing now its helpful to sidedress Gypsum, banding it at 500 lbs per acre as you would with fertilizer, gypsum greatly reduces the problems of calcium deficiency, try banding on alternate rows you will see a difference, the gypsum rows will resist insect damage and reducing tipburn and head burn on broccoli and cauliflower will lessen the chance of Rhizoctonia and bacterial head rot, I also like to foliar feed calcium chloride at one quart per 100 gallons of water every week, its too late to apply gypsum this year for tomatoes or peppers but I have always got good results applying gypsum at transplanting time...Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

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