Maroc maroc at
Tue Aug 7 10:29:51 EDT 2001

Steve Gilman,  without disagreeing with a single statement you made
concerning Bt resistant insects, I would say why would we ever think that
the testing and regulation of GE seeds/plants by the EPA or FDA in the US,
or the CFIA or Health Canada north of the border, would be any more
thorough or enlightened than the testing and regulation (not to mention
enforcement) of agricultural chemicals has been?

On to something more useful.  This year for the first time I have deer, or
at least a deer, eating the tops off potato plants.  In the past the deer
have helped themselves to the flowers on the potatoes but never the leaves.
I always assumed the leaves are poison.  I must say the last three or four
days I haven't noticed any new tracks or plants eaten.  Perhaps I'm lucky
and she has a belly ache that has driven her to a new diet.  Now I'm just
left with a new infestation of bindweed.

Don Maroc
Vancouver Island, Canada

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