Hillbilly tomatoes

Brian and Jacqueline Potzkai potzkai at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 7 11:33:30 EDT 2001

Hi Tom, you mentioned that you had a thin layer of topsoil then clay, that 
was what our soil up in Dawson Creek was like (about the only thing that 
could grow without assistance was the "weed of the north" as it is lovingly 
called - Birch trees).  After my 1st experience with ber I built raised beds 
- 25' x 15' they staggered in height for visual appearance as this was done 
in our backyard.  The tomatoes were planted in the back of the beds which 
were approx 3' higher than the original soil.  I feel that this may have 
assisted in good tomato growth for the following years.  I don't know how 
economical this would be for large production though.  Watering was every 
few days unless we had heavy rains, but our temps up north never went to the 
extreme highs - we did have longer sunlight hours though - sun up at 3a down 
at 11p.  I truly hope your crop will recover.  Jacqueline

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