Blossom-end rot and Lyris limits

Marcie Rosenzweig fullcircle at
Tue Aug 7 11:11:56 EDT 2001

Hi Bill et al,

I have found if I compose a reply in Word and then paste it into my 
mail program, I sometimes get phantom characters that put me over the 
Lyris limit.  Four paragraphs, assuming  they don't repeat War and 
Peace, should fly.  They other thing I've been rejected for is if 
those four paragraphs were pasted as a quote.  The admin limits on 
this list are, I believe, ten lines, for quotes.  I tried to quote 
more than that and gor it kicked back.  I now make my attributions in 

Bill, I hate to disagree with an extensionist but it won't be the 
first time and, certainly, not the last.  Blossom End Rot is a 
physiological problem caused by a lack of calcium.  However, because 
of calcium's low solubility, BER will almost always manifest when 
there is sufficient water stress, even in the presence of sufficient 
soil calcium.  My solution for that is to use a foliar spray of a 
soluable calcium product.  Yes, I use drip irrigation and irrometers, 
so I know the water situation in my beds.  But, on days when the 
temperatures are in the 100°+ category, my large heirloom tomatoes 
will still exhibit BER in the absense of a foliar calcium boost. 
Once every two or three weeks depending on the heat does it.  And, 
yes I get soil tests done.  In the absence of sufficient calcium, I 
use a combination of ground limestone and oystershell.  I've found 
over the years in my organically managed soils, the combination gives 
me a more immediate availability from the limestone and a sustained 
reservoir from the shell.
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