Hillbilly tomatoes

Tom Anslow limerock at thirdplanet.net
Tue Aug 7 07:12:04 EDT 2001

Thanks for all the responses and info which brings on a few other questions.

-  Our tomatoes are trellised in flat beds on black plastic
-  Thin layer of topsoil with clay beneath
-  When we water, we use a 'long' hose with a watering wands at the end and
then run the water directly into the plant/plastic hole
-  Had been watering every 3-4 days, for about 5-7 seconds per hole
-  We are on Lake Erie in North Ohio
-  Yes, we wish we had drip and plan to go to it next year if we can work
the logistics out

Given a situation of no rain for quite some time, should we

1.  Water more or less frequently?

2.  Run in more or less water each time?

Would love to hear some more ideas of what may work.  Thanks!

Tom Anslow

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