market-farming digest: August 02, 2001

William McKay bmckay55 at
Fri Aug 3 09:47:05 EDT 2001

Natick Massachusetts has their farmers market every Saturday on the Town 
Common (most New England towns have commons in the middle of town;  used to 
be common grazing areas, now they are town parks/green spaces.

I just took a look at page one of the state listing of farmers markets in 
massachusetts.  Of the eight listed, four were on municipal parkland, town 
commons, library ground, etc.  It is very common.

Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts  and    Distributor of 
Italian Vegetable Seeds from Franchi Sementi, spa, Bergamo, Italy.  Seedsmen 
since 1783.

>I am wondering if there are any examples out there of farmers markets in
>public (city) parks that we could use to bolster our case with the local
>parks commission.  Thanks.
>John Hendrickson
>Outreach Specialist; Coordinator, Wisconsin School for Beginning

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