Saving seeds from Sugar Babies

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Hi, I saved some delicata seeds from last year, and am now wondering just
what exactly is growing under the bush; it's pretty intimidating at this
point, and very large..Could it be, a new and exciting (?) variety of squash
that I've developed?? or just the second generation of a cross-pollinated
delicata squash..Any takers?? thanks

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Amy wrote:

>Can anyone verify
>if I can save seed from my Sugar Babies and have them breed true for next
>year? I did have other watermelons close to them but I think these were
>done blooming before the others. Does it matter in watermelons?

All Cucucbits have to be caged to be absolutely sure that they have bred
true -- the distance requirements in Seed to Seed is measured in HALF

Now, it all depends on just how true you want your seeds to be.  I have let

volunteer winter squash go each year and only two years ago did I get an
interesting cross (between an neck pumpkin and a butternut -- hugest
butternut I ever saw, but unfortunately, it didn't ripen before frost) --
the butternuts just keep making new butternuts no matter what I've grown
them with.  But I wouldn't offer the seed through Seed Savers Exchange even
though it usually works out for me.

I do have two watermelon plants that have been tougher than nails this year
-- I'm planning to save the seeds next year and see what I come up with --
lots of folks at the community garden plant watermelon, so I can't be sure
it's pure, but I've got the space just to do it anyway. . . :-)

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