vendor fees and farmers' markets in public parks

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at
Thu Aug 2 15:28:50 EDT 2001

We have our market on the city green.  We pay $25 per season - to a
volunteer agricultural heritage organization that got us started.  We don't
pay the city anything. They are very pleased to have us, and have been
working well with us, and have given me support when I needed it.  Their
only concern is that we not park on the grass with our vehicles.

The city green is near the downtown intersection, within view of Lake
Michigan, along a state highway through town - so that it is a slow mileage
route.  Works well.  There is a gravel parking lot on half, a tarred pathway
wide enough for a car to go on, and then a large grass triangle closest to
the road.  It is a very nice spot.


> I am wondering if there are any examples out there of farmers markets in
> public (city) parks that we could use to bolster our case with the local
> parks commission.  Thanks.
> -John

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