Saving seeds from Sugar Babies

Amy K. Johnson akjedj at
Wed Aug 1 17:29:28 EDT 2001

Hi List!

I seem to remember seeing Sugar Baby watermelon on a list of open
pollinated seeds (maybe in Peaceful Valley's catalog). Can anyone verify
if I can save seed from my Sugar Babies and have them breed true for next
year? I did have other watermelons close to them but I think these were
done blooming before the others. Does it matter in watermelons?

I hope so. There can't be anything much easier than saving seed from
Watermelon! Or is there? To save seed do I need to let the melon go way
past ripe? I wouldn't think so based on my composting area. :-)

Thanks a bushel,
Amy K. Johnson
Johnsons' Produce Patch
Long Island VA

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