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Brian and Jacqueline Potzkai potzkai at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 1 12:14:45 EDT 2001

>From: Sue <swtgrssfrm at nls.net>
>What method of selling on the farm do you find the least stressful but
>generates some traffic?  CSA, Farm stand,  pick your own, subscription
>farming (am I missing any?)  Why do you prefer this method?  Thank you,

Hi Sue, we've been advertising in the paper and on the roadside as bulk farm 
sales and have been doing well with it this year, we also sell at the 
farmer's market.  Since there is only 2 of us operating the 5 acre garden we 
find that this is all the time that we have for sales, and yes it is less 
stressful.  We used to have an older lady that would help out at the 
fruitstand but she became ill and so we sell to the customers that drop by 
what we may have picked, but generally we take orders from the customers, 
they seem happy with this.  I think I should make it clear that our farm is 
in town (approx population of 120,000), so they don't come a long distance 
to see what we have - this form of sales would not do well if the customer 
had to travel.  Also I know we would do a lot more in sales if we had 
someone we could trust to run the stand.  Jacqueline

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