market-farming digest: July 30, 2001

Marcie Rosenzweig fullcircle at
Wed Aug 1 09:16:12 EDT 2001

Hi John,

I'd see who else has a spot of prime real estate who may want to HOST 
a market.  Few if any markets I know of pay fees to property owners, 
especially public property.

I chaired the ad hoc committee that started the Foothill Famers' 
Market Association here in Plcaer County CA some 13 years ago.  Since 
research showed each dollar spent at farmers' direct markets moved 
an average of seven times within the community, the economic 
development impact of having a farmers' market in any given community 
was obvious.  The county picked us up as an "also insured" on their 
liability policy and most communities invited us to participate on 
public lands at no charge.  There are now
7 markets in the county in season, one runs year-round.

It's $50 per year to join the assocication which gives you the right 
to go to all markets (assuming there's room) and a break on stall 
fees at each market.  Stall fees run from $12 per day to $25 dollars 
per day depending on the location of the market.  Fees and dues go to 
pay for market management and publicity.

Here, in California, markets in the southern part of the state tend 
to base fees on a percentage of sales.  They use load lists to 
accomplish this.  The load list indicates the type and quantity of 
produce brought into the market and is checked against what's left at 
closing.  The vendor then pays a percentage of total sales.  The load 
list provides a sanity check on the semi-honor system of reported 
sales.  As of last year, load lists became mandatory throughout the 
state as a data collection tool for the State of CA to get its arms 
around the flow of produce through farmers' markets.

On support of markets - it has been my observation that the best 
markets, i.e., the ones that grow and support farmers over time, are 
either underwritten by the communities inwhich they occur or are 
managed by a "benevelant dictator" manager who is adjunct to but not 
part of the farming community.

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