Saving basil seeds

OakCamp at OakCamp at
Fri Sep 29 14:55:55 EDT 2000

We grow many varieties of basil and many have set seed.  Has anyone saved the 
seed and is it worth while??  The botanist in me says that they probably 
cross pollinate easily and you won't get what you think you're saving seed 
of.  The economist in me thinks it might save me a few dollars next year.  
The practical person says the amount of labor in saving seed and cleaning it 
isn't worth the few dollars.  The adventurer in me says I might find a great 
new variety from all this cross breeding!   
We have holy, osmin, purple ruffles, mammoth, sweet, cinnamon, lemon, lime, 
Thai, Genovese, Greek bush, green globe and Rubin varieties all with seed at 
various stages.
Any thoughts or experiences?

Barb Birkinbine
Oak Camp Herb Farm, OCIA cert.

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