Del Williams delannw at
Fri Sep 29 12:46:10 EDT 2000

In what I considered to be a very marginal tomato year, the Brandywines came
out to be the best of all.  Yes, they are large and pinkish but the taste
was excellent.  Made me wonder how could they could be in an excellent year.

We aren't allowed to provide sliced sampling at our market and I can't face
giving them away.  So, my deal is to offer a tomato at a 'better' price with
the promise to return their purchase price without question if they don't
like the tomato.  Didn't have any return requests for anything but more

I did not experience any problems with diseases in the Brandywines and I did
not stake them.
When they were planted I heavily mulched the area with straw and added a
little more as the season progressed.  The fruits developed on beds of
straw.  I didn't have much of a tomato hormworm problem this year which
helped with the decision not to stake or cage.  I never treated for pests at
all in the tomatoes this year (including Celebrities, Rutgers, yellow pear
cherries, supersweet cherries, and Goldens).  Disease-wise, the Celebrities
had the most problems.  It was just a waste to have planted them.  Too bad.
I have had some great harvests of Celebrities in previous years.

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