Salad greens production book

gutierrez-lagatta gutierrez-lagatta at
Fri Sep 29 08:22:53 EDT 2000

> We are looking for a good book on the production of salad
> greens-expecially lettuces, chards, kales, etc. Any ideas out there

There really isn't much out there in the way of published information but
one jewel of a book is Rosalind Creasy's "The Edible Salad garden".  It is a
joy, filled with spectacular photographs worthy of any coffee table and lots
of growing information.  (She has lots of other titles which are equally
spectacular)  Avery detailed book on oriental vegetables, including lots of
information on greens is Oriental Vegetables : The Complete Guide for Garden
and Kitchen by Joy Larkcom.

I would also suggest you get Johnnys Selected Seeds printout on commercial
mesclun production.  After that you will need lots of trial and error to
find what varieties grow best in your area and what the right mix is for
your customers.  Good luck!

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