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>>>Anybody got any ideas on how to deal with Vinca minor (periwinkle) ? =
>>Easily removed through proper mulching. Try covering areas of it with
>>these silver-colored plastic utility tarpaulins. They block nearly all
>OK- I'll try it- but it'll be a challenge- it's part of the bush now, some
>stands are 100 ft. across! Mixed with invasives like rose, plum, pear, apple
>and blackberry.

I'll bet it will work. Let me know. Be sure to use enough tarps - one
layer should be enough. Its very weather resistant.

As for tools:

We talked about the Canterbury hoe before. Well, buy yourself 
one (+ a spare) a Japanese farmer's rake from Hida Tool.
Its very similar to the CH and is one of the finest, most effective
tools I have ever seen. Heavy, forged, long, 3 tined hoe head 
(eye hoe) on a medium length _heavy_ Japanese white oak
(maybe its red oak) handle. I also bought one of the Japanese farmer's
hoes which, is well configured and extremely useful
for medium-duty hoeing, tilthing and hilling. The blade is not too
heavy, is tapered in thickness from eye to edge and is broad and long
enough to do real work. The closest tool to is is the old Japanese
field hoe (also an eye  hoe but much heavier & has an eye to
accomodate a 1 3/4" railroad handle) once sold by Smith & Hawken.
Here's particulars:
$46.80 + shipping.
Item number G-2002

Also on the same page is their:
ridge making hoe 
$43.40 + shipping
Item number G-2005

promises to be a very useful tool for hilling and raised bed
preparation; I've ordered one for myself. Request a catalog from them
& if you're into woodworking get one for that too.

Hida Tool and Hardware Co.
hidatool at
1333 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley,  CA 94702 
510-524-3700  (telephone)     510-524-3423 (fax)    
9:00 to 5:00 (PT) Mon to Sat 
1-800-443-5512 (telephone)    1-888-524-7473(fax)
Hand tools
Japanese Woodworking tools
Handcrafted Japanese Garden & Bomsai Tools

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