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Thu Sep 28 11:52:29 EDT 2000

And we grow one called 'Great White'.  Beefsteak sized, pale pale yellow
(white) when ripe, buttery, thick flesh - reminiscent of a Brandywine.  IT
doesn't produce a lot of tomatoes, but our customers stand in line for them.
Rot prone, must be staked, but still producing nice tomatoes, most of our
other spring planted ones are gone (we use a second planting for fall
tomatoes).  We are planning a 'heirloom tomatoes club' next year.  Those who
belong get first shot at purchasing the heirloom tomatoes.  Customer
response to the idea has been favorable.  Allows us to be able to devote the
space to them in light of their lesser production in poundage.  Our growing
space is so limited we have to  look at profit per  square foot for
everything, and this will allow us to ask a little more for them to make up
for the production shortfall.

Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

> From: 	Leslie Griffith[SMTP:lgriffith at]
> LOL -- I discovered this summer that pink is the ONLY color to grow!  I
> won't grow another one of those horrid perfect round red things!  Market
> them as heirlooms (which they are) and offer samples -- you'll sell out
> every time!
> Brandywine is an old standard -- you'll be surprised how many people know
> them by name.  Also try the yellow brandywines -- absolutely delicious as
> well.
> Les in Kansas City
> > -----Original Message-----
> > had to have a taste.  Nothing I was growing, none of the
> > beautiful hybrids,
> > could even come close.  This was a real tomato, this is what tomatoes
> are
> > supposed to taste like.  Now I'm saving seeds from the best fruit, the
> ---

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