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Thu Sep 28 10:43:18 EDT 2000

At the request of one of my CSA members I grew edamame soybeans, I only
planted maybe 12 ft double row got to share a taste with most members, they
were a hit, people loved them.  I just ranked a couple plants to give to
each member, let them picked them and cooked them.  I told them they were an
appetizer type food so huge meal sized portions were not an issue.  I will
grow much more next year.  Beth
> I am very interested in how people fared with soybeans this year. I know
> quite a number of people were going to grow soybeans for market for the
> first time.  I had a couple of specific questions:
> (1) Once the plants are pulled up, how long do you have before the beans
> have to be eaten or frozen?  I pulled up my plants last Sunday, and I
> found that the pods started  to dehydrate after 2 days.
> (2) If the pods are refrigerated, how long will they last?
> (3) Did soybeans turn out to be a money maker for anyone?? Did people
> buy them?
> The beans are so delicious and a great green color, but you do need a
> lot of pods in order to have a meal's worth, and that means a lot of
> work steaming them and then opening them all up.  Are customers willing
> to do that work?
> I'd appreciate any thoughts on growing soybeans for market.
> Thanks.
> Nancy Haycock

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