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Greetings All
This year,  for first time in my recollected history of NZ,
that we have had tornadoes.
There were two,  quite small by US standards,
however they left their mark.
We have never had tornadoes here,  but weather scientists have advised that
NZ will be hotter and more tropical.

Also we have sparrows over here, I think of sparrows as the mice of the
skies, because like mice they are so numerous,  hardy and resilient, but in
the South Island, they have
been falling down dead....the scientists say it's salmonella and is
spreading to children.
I think things are bad when the resilient "mice of the skies"
start keeling over.
Also water bacteria are rapidly spreading all round our land, infecting
shellfish beds, it's spreading at an extremely rapid pace and will severly
affect the shellfish industry.
As far as i am aware this is caused from pollution and warmer see


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>    Our weather here in southeastern WA was very dry; I don't remember it
> raining all summer, though two or three times is usual. We had our usual
> straight week of 100+ and scattered days of 100+ in late July and early
> August. It has also been windier than usual the last two years, not as
> in the number of days as in the windspeed.
>    Our last two winters have also been warm enough that some garlic
> in the warm periods, only to be killed by later frost. We almost never
> reliable snow cover, a reason for our 7 to 10 inch annual precipitation.
> However, I worked outside all winter in 1993/4 and 1994/5, and several
> it was below zero.
> Julie
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