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Fri Sep 22 12:31:50 EDT 2000

A green house in that size range will be more expensive per square foot as
it is considered "hobby". That said, we have a 14x30 that we like very much.
We got it from Turner Greenhouses.  It is bolt-together galvanized steel,
double poly, automatic heat and ventilation. We put it on a 4x4 treated
lumber foundation, and we use it for all our transplants for our 12 month
organic produce, cut flower, perennial operation.  It gets a little crowded
about March 1, but soon empties out as we start transplanting March 15
(outdoors- brassicas, unheated tunnels-tomatoes and other tender crops).

Ours is 9 years old and has only had plastic replaced as maintenance.

Ours started as a 14x18 and was expanded 2 years ago when we expanded our
production.  If you want a larger greenhouse, there are many good ones on
the market.  Prices/sqft will be a lot lower, but they will cost a lot to
heat in your winters.  Let me know if I can help further.

Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

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> We are in the process of expanding our farmstand operation.  We want to
> either build or purchase a new greenhouse.  We are not all that big yet
> and will use the greenhouse mainly for starting seedlings for our own
> gardens and also possibly for growing some tomato plants as an experiment
> to see if this will be a good market for us to get into.  We are in
> Vermont where the temperatures get pretty cold in February and March with
> snow etc:   Any suggestions.  We are not looking for a huge greenhouse.
> But one in the 
> 14x30-40 foot range.   Any suggestions would be helpful
> Thanks
> Kathy
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